A press interview Designer Mr.Ding Xiaoqiao
The host: Hello everyone! I am the host Qi Qi, very glad call in famous designer Mr. Ding Xiaoqiao from Beijin Jianlei Group. Welcome Mr. Ding.
Ding Xiaoqiao: Holle Qi Qi! Holle every one!
The Host: Beijin Jianlei is a professional decoration company that enjoys great popularity in the industry. It has two first-level and two A-grade licenses, and is engaged in design and fitment for interior & exterior decoration, reflection glass-curtain wall, metal-curtain walls, stone-curtain walls, waterless hanging stone technology, steel structure doors and windows as well equipment installation.
Mr. Ding is well-known by his decoration style that is peaceful, quietly elegant, terse and bright. Mr. Ding, would you talk about how do you think of your job?
Mr. Ding: As for me, interior design is a challenging job and has much fun for me. Each project has its specificity just like each custom has his unique fancy, and the area, the space and the purpose is different too.
Interior design is a “duplicity” work, the exterior decoration must be beautiful and attractive, but the interior process for instance space planning, metals, construction, details and so on basic technology factors are more influential. It is a delight in work, to harmonize the exterior artistry and interior technicality successfully, in order to coexisting artistry and functionality. This is not a job for me, it is my favorite, and I always enjoy in it very much.
The host: You mentioned several times that should utilize intuition in design, how do you think about genius, it can be trained?
Mr. Ding: I believe that can. Because that I was very objectivism when I finished my college, at that time I went on my work courageously after was identified by others.
The host: Someone said: “Excessive design let a house loss its cordial feeling.” As a designer who would not be tasteless, what do you think about?
Mr. Ding: Excessive design is an abortive one, although a house must not have cordial feeling, if it is equal to your custom’s requirements. When my guest has not any special requirement, I also will prepare him a measurable arrangement design.
The host: I know you use artworks continently and carefully, instead using more metal itself to construct wall body and structure regard as the focus design. Is there any rule? Or maybe you are exploring some new? Is it concern to you mentioned that “people live in; it is exactly a part of art.”?
Mr. Ding: It is true, but it is not for exploring some new, just my style is not conciseness but simple style; I seek a kind of coalescent space with true and imagination, which could be touch through various metals, lights and images. For s