Flying with Jianlei
It has been over two years since I joint Beijing Jianlei in April, 2007.Maybe it’s fate bringing me here, or maybe it’s fixed by destiny. Whatever the reason was, I want to thank the leaders of the Company for giving me the chance to learn and practice. I treasure this very much and have been dedicating to my work. Over the past two plus years, Jianlei changed a lot, so did me.
Jianlei has a glorious history by completing a large number of influencing curtain wall and dry-fix stone constructions as well as interior decoration projects, including Beijing Oriental Plaza, known as the largest project in Asia, the Building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is called No.1 Ministry of China, and super five-star Grand Hyatt Beijing, Dominican Hotel and Ningxia Hospitality Hotel, Phase 1 and 2 project of New World Plaza Beijing, Beijing Sino-Chem Building, International Finance Building, International Enterprise Building, Offshore Petroleum Building, Beijing Concert Hall, CPPCC Building, and hundreds of other large-scale projects, also many awards and prizes. The great achievements that represented Jianlei’s strength were made by all Jianlei staff.
There will be certainly repayment for what we paid. Beijing Jianlei finished its stock restructure on August 19th, 2008, and renamed into Beijing Jianlei International Decoration Construction Co., Ltd. Yesterday’s brilliance means only the past “halo” , today’s Jianlei needs new things and vitality from us to flying higher and farther.
I still remember the day I was interviewed; I was very impressed and deeply touched by the enthusiasm, harmony and sincerity of Jianlei people, and attracted to the Company’s power and great office environment, which made me believe it would be crazy not to choose a team like this or not to choose growing in such an environment. So my insistence made me one of them.
I learnt a lot over the past two plus years of Jianlei experience. I am deeply aware that, no matter the skills dealing with people and bearing myself; or office and personnel works, or my current duty of property management, apart from keeping your passion for work, you have to lead a rigorous and thorough working style with a true genuine heart to serve people if you want your boss and colleagues to feel ease to leave work to you and satisfied with what you done. Because we are Jianlei people who live for the company, we must stay on the same boat and paddling towards the same direction for the prospect and development of Jianlei in the future. Only when Jianlei developed and expanded can we have our splendid tomorrow.
I am a whole new person during two years of steeling myself in spirit, work and life, not the original careless, rash and overcautious person any more. It is Beijing Jianlei who cultivated me, forged me and created me. Although I have just been transferred to the property management department for a short while, and there is still room to improve my working quality, I should welcome the new challenge actively with new looks and gesture, and play a greater role in my position to make further progress.
Beijing Jianlei is right in its high developing stage today, as an old member of Jianlei family, I should carry on the company culture of “morality, honest, diligence and development” still more, together with the passionate, united and sincere Jianlei people with the magnificent mantra “Construct marvelous edifices and build spectacular life” in our mind challenging the peak of international constructions and piloting Jianlei to the world. I’d like to look down at the summit of world constructions with my Jianlei family.
                                                                  Liu Hualan
June 19th, 2009