Look for Fun in Your Job
“Constructing Eternal Building, Accumulating Splendid Life” is the slogan of Jianlei people, and also the spirit of Jianlei Group.
I get an opportunity to work in Jianlei Group be an occasional chance. As a cub beginner, I know nothing about the terminology such as “the project”, “bidding”, “glass curtain wall”, “stone dry suspending”. Listening to discussion of the colleagues, I feel inferior. Luckily, Jianlei is a good place for learning the knowledge and life. It teaches me both the professional knowledge and how to conduct myself in life.
For Jianlei people, work comes first, but what is most important is the joy and sense of accomplishment from the job. For the whole life, working occupies a large percent. If the joy cannot be found from the job, how can you live your life splendidly!
Ruskin once said “only working can guarantee the spiritual health; thinking in the job can make your job full of joy. They are closely connected with each other”. When you work in the joy, and feel spiritually delightful, you’d better love what you have chosen and do not take a change easily. If you begin to feel increasingly growing pressure, can not find the joy and sense of accomplishment in the job, please just calm down to think about whether it is the problem from the job or yourself. If you can not adjust yourself psychologically, even though you change your job for thousands of times, your situation can not be changed either.
Quite often, working takes up most of my time, and I am usually badly busy about it, thinking about when I can get enough time to relax myself. However, when I can really have time to relax myself, I unexpectedly feel bad, much more tired than the busy efforts. Actually, the daily job is quite interesting, and it depends on whether you observe and feel with real sincerity.
The interest can be taken time to develop, but the joy needs your seeking and feeling with an optimistic heart.
Keep the joy from your previous job at the bottom of your heart, and review the matters with an optimistic attitude that make you feel perplexed from a new angle, you will find some different feelings. Whether you can find the joy from the job does not depend on whether you like your job or not, but on your attitude.
The job is not without the joys, but for most of time we do not have the heart to find and feel the joys! Do you really have some complaints in your job? Why not try to change your attitude other than just to complain? Marros once told us:
If your heart changes----your attitude will change correspondingly;
If your attitude changes----your habits will change correspondingly;