Into the Jian-Lei – our charming company
At this time of last year, I was a fresh graduate and stepped over job fairs just same as all of the graduating students. There was a Saturday; it was a light shower, in a special job fair for construction at Hufang Qiao, I delivered my resume to a decoration company which was the single one of that day. By dint of it, my fate has been roped with this company—Beijing Jian-Lei decoration Ltd., co.
At the very beginning, I was unfamiliar with our vocational work, especially some terminologies such as the waterless hanging stone technology, glass curtain wall and the like, it were no conception. Fortunately, Mr. Hu Jiaqi, the chairman of the board was concerned about us who were freshmen very much. He especially organized an orientation for us to impel us to be familiar with our business and come into works. That training concerned how the company was established, its phylogeny, its pioneering decoration technique on curtain wall, and some basic financial knowledge concerned, etc. At the last training day, Mr. Hu conducted warmly summative communication with us. After training, I got some initial knowledge about Beijing Jian-Lei; the company established at the beginning of 1994, it is a joint-equity enterprise and specialized in building curtain wall, decoration design and construction. It has the first national level license for constructing building curtain wall, the first level license for decorative construction, the A grade license of curtain wall decoration and the A grade license for decoration design, especially the waterless hanging stone technology is very excellent. In these years, our company makes our due contribution in developing Chinese curtain wall industry and decoration industry. We edited some national standards and national industry standards as editors in chief, for instance Waterless Hanging Specification for Natural Granite for Building Decorative Slab and the Stainless Steel Fitting and Experimental Methods of Natural Facing Stone, in additional we audited The standards of metal curtain wall construction and stone curtain walls and The first grade constructor exam outline with Ministry of Construction.
I had far pride for be assigned to the branch in charged by Mr. Yang, and began to work on bid that is a busy and challenging job.
My principal job is editing technical tender in bid process. My first bid was the facing project of Ninxia Liberal Arts College, including the construction technology about stone curtain walls, aluminum curtain walls, glass curtain walls and al-alloy doors and windows and otherwise were referred by construction management plan. That was too difficult to me, an uninformed person. Thanks to my boss, Mr. Yang is an expert of projects, which has above ten years experience and earned him “the old stager”. He found some templates on construction technology for me and explained them patiently. Depend on his help I started the work on bid with steady part, So-called “all things are difficult before they are easy”, after first time the following problems were readily solved. In a word, this past year, I obtained lots of professional knowledge on decoration through learning and exploring constantly, and then I have grown to love Beijing Jian-Lei. Now, I see those beautiful and particular glass curtain walls and stone curtain walls when I pass by Beijing Oriental Plaza, Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, Yuetan Building and the others huge building, while I still feel an upsurge of emotion. At this time, I always want to tell all of the world with pride those are masterworks of Beijin Jian-Lei.
“All are past and gone, we look to this age for truly great men”, as a new Jian-Lei people, we will spare no effort to achieve our grand objective that is to challenge the top one of world.
Branch one
Luo Tian