What is Reflection Glass Curtain Wall?
Reflection glass curtain-wall
Glass curtain wall refers to the exterior envelop or decorative structure that comprises supporting structure system and glass with certain displacement capacity and no sharing of the force that main structure bore. Selections of single-layer and double-layer glass walls are available. With thickness of 6mm for reflective insulation glass, and dead weight of 40kg/㎡ for the wall, the curtain wall is featured by many advantages, such as being light and pleasing to the eye, hard to be contaminated and energy-efficient. The inner side of the external glass is painted by colored metal coating, the whole piece of outer wall appears like mirror that reflects sky and surrounding scenes of rich colors and changes when light varies. In the reflection of light, the interior space can be kept away from strong sunshine, and present a visually soft environment. The glass curtain wall was applied for the first time in the Beijing Great Wall Construction Project in China in 1983.
  Most people who have been NYC are amazed by the bustling metropolis looks, the magnificent towering skyscrapers with glass curtain walls that reflecting the clear blue sky and floating white clouds which add even more brilliant colors. So how is the reflection glass curtain wall composed? It refers to the mirror glass as external wall decoration material for buildings, which manufactured by transparent plate-shaped glass through toughening treatment from floating glass with extremely small quantities of Fe, Ni, Co and Se, it can absorb infrared ray and reduce the sun radiation into the room and thus lower the indoor temperature. It can, reflect the light like mirrors, and also pass the light through like glass.
  The glass curtain wall of modern high-rise use the mix of mirror glass, common glass and the insulated glass with dry air charged into the interlayer. The insulated glass may have two or three layers, with two-layers, there is an inter-bedded space shaped by two pieces of glass and sealed framework; and with three-layers, there are two inter-bedded spaces made by three pieces of glass. It has virtues of soundproofing, heat insulation, frost protection, moistureproof and strong wind resistance performance. According to the measurement, when the outside temperature is -10℃, the temperature in front of single-layer glass window is -2℃, and room with three-layer insulated glass is 13℃.And in summer, the double layer insulated glass keep off 90% of the solar radiant heat. And the sunshine could still pass through the glass curtain wall without people feeling the heat. Rooms with insulated glass curtain wall can be cool in summer and warm in winter, it is a big improvement of living environment.
Classification and constitution
1. Bright frame glass curtain wall   
Bright frame glass curtain wall is glass curtain wall with exposed metal frame components. The frame was made by special-sectioned aluminum alloy material with groove for the glass plates to embed in. This type of curtain wall is characterized by the double functions of frame structure and glass fix of the aluminum alloy section materials.
2 Hidden-frame Glass Curtain Wall
  Hidden-frame glass curtain wall, as its name can tell, the metal frame is hidden behind the glass and can not be seen from outside. This kind of glass curtain wall can be divided into two types, full hidden-frame glass curtain wall and semi-hidden-frame glass curtain wall, the hidden half frames of the latter can be horizontal or vertical.  1. The hidden frame glass curtain wall is featured by:  The glass is bonded at the out side the aluminum frame with silicone structural sealant, which bears most load of the curtain wall.
  3 Point-supported Glass Curtain Wall
  Point-supported glass curtain wall is a new supporting pattern that universall