A Brief Talk on the “Humanized” Consideration in Decoration Design
With the development of social society and constant upgrade of human demand, the modern decoration design has stressed more and more the concern about humanity and human nature. “Humanization” has become a highlight in decoration design area, and gradually taken shape as an overwhelming trend.
For a very long time, people lived in a monotonous world of products produced by ourselves due to the universal modernism style, leading our life in similar buildings, driving similar cars, walking into offices that about the same, and going back to houses alike after work…Surrounded and suppressed by drab and stylized articles, we are looking exactly like them and losing our feelings. Today, we got tired and abandoned the theory of “modernism”, and realized the products were more about functions and materials, and the sacrifice of naturalness and immateriality has brought a disaster to the humanity. As human, we should not only use the products in our life, but start to keep them as the reflection of our spirit and emotion to cheer and express us, which contributed to our new demands for decoration design, called demand of “humanization”.
Till today where the modern society is, people stay in a kind of emotional emptiness with no idea of what is going to be in next minute or even in next second, therefore, the “design for men” concept appears to be more important. The “humanized” care of decoration design is regularly carried out in means of aesthetics to infuse aesthetic psychology, culture and other human factors into design to leave some room for imagination and appreciation, and trigger touch, shock and ponder to your soul. “Humanized” decoration design focuses on making more people feel the warmth of this world, people’s loving hearts and harmonious intimation of people to the nature, aiming at meeting the physical and spiritual demands of humanity. Nowadays, people’s transformation of attitude about decoration has gave more flexibility to design and integrated rational design intention, inner association and sensual value as a whole, all possibilities and a broader space to communicate with others are presented. This kind of decoration design highlights the respects to people’s emotion based on the importance attached to functional and economic factors and principles, emphasizes the structure and emotional quality of design to exchange for people’s intimacy and trust to decoration design, this is the expression of “humanization”.
We are living in a vital world where explorative and innovative opportunities around us all the time. As a sign of progress in 21st century, decoration design confers new content on human life. Creation of design with history, fashion and fulfillment of human needs is every designer’s responsibility. Everyone who cares about design should work together to create works meeting our material and spiritual needs in new age.
                                                           Xiang Yanmei
                                                          June 19th, 2009