On Development & Design of the Glass Lighting Roof
The glass lighting roof original purpose was to light for house, mainly to solve the indoor lighting, then gradually developed to a new construction form for decoration and lighting of building at present. Design patterns of glass lighting roof are also more and more innovative, such as the network pattern glass rainproof in hotels and stations, various kinds of lighting roof on the lobby in buildings, the glass lighting roof in swimming pool and etc.
  1. The development of glass lighting roof construction
With the process of the world industrialization in the late 19th century, a large number of industrial plants risen. These plants have up to 30m span with side lighting alone , which can not meet the plant light needs, so lighting skylight came into being. There were lighting mask, lighting panels, lighting zone, triangular skylights to adopt commonly. These skylights mainly based lighting, but also with the significance of decoration.
In the 20th century, aluminum alloy profile material was used for building windows and doors, curtain wall, and then there was coming aluminum alloy glass lighting roof. This new type of lighting roof has been a big leap in the construction; it is a manifestation of the art of architecture. Its performance varies with the different architectural style. There are single-slope, double slope, half, 1 / 4 circle, line, cone, round dome on the geometric shape, as well as the bodies, the conjoined composed by the above basic geometric shape, also by the curtain wall, and so on.
In the 1980’s, with the extensive use of the structural glass assembly technology, people adopt this assembly technology to produce a light aluminum alloy framed glass roof implicit in the glass lighting roof architecture. Without the holding glass platen on the surface, there form a plane surface on the glass roof, which makes rainwater unimpeded discharge. With appearing the glass framework of the glass curtain walls, the framework of glass roof and glass lighting came. This support system (framework) and the lighting board all are made by the new glass light roof, owing to its non-masking characteristics of the entire field of vision for people to enjoy a unique art; it is used in many public buildings.
  1. The type of glass light roof
Based on bracket material, the glass lighting roof can be divided into the steel materials, the aluminum alloy and the glass framework lighting glass roof.
According to setting location, the glass lighting roof can be divided into the open style and the closed style. The open style refers to the lighting roof on the corridor or on the rainproof; the closed style is the roof on the top of the enclosed space or the building.
In accordance with function, the glass lighting roof is divided into closed-type and non-confined-type. Closed-type is used for enclosed roof space; non-confined-type is used for open space.
3. Issue attention problems of the glass lighting roof design
 (1) The biggest problem of the glass lighting roof is poor insulation performance. If a larger temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, it is easy to have a drip of condensed water. There are three ways to solve the problem of condensation of water: Firstly, double-glazing could be considered to improve the performance of thermal insulation; secondly, the glass roof will be designed to a certain degree of slope and curvature, and organize the perfect drainage sys